Beestat exists to provide useful data to people about their HVAC usage; we have no interest in selling your data.

Data we store

Data we share

In no circumstances will any of your data ever be shared with a third party; this includes de-identified data. Your data will only be used in aggregate to show comparisons, trends, and other useful information to other beestat users. This will never include any identifiable information.

Third parties

Some information is shared with the following third parties in order to provide a meaningful service.

Access to your thermostats

Beestat will have continued access to all of the thermostats and their data unless you manually revoke it. For ecobee, you may do this by logging into their web portal, clicking the menu button in the top right, selecting My Apps, selecting beestat, then selecting Remove App.

Data retention

All data stored in the beestat database is kept indefinitely regardless of your continued usage of beestat or if you revoke beestat's access to your data. To have your data deleted, submit a request to